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      Overcome the difficult domestic valve industry, promoting the international market
        Published Time2013-11-29
      Safety valve in the country nearly 40 years of development history , the safety valve enterprises through domestic efforts , in terms of technology, product quality and service have made no small achievement , and now the country has basically meet the domestic valve market. But in any development of the industry are positive , the safety valve is no exception , after which meets the needs of the domestic market, the need to consider is to enter international markets , but the current status of China's valve industry is concerned, on the way into the international market is also filled with obstacles , there continues to be improved .
      With the improvement of industrial technology , the demand for equipment and other aspects of high performance valves are continuously strengthened, China is a transition from an agricultural to an industrial world power , has a huge demand for the industrial market , which has attracted many foreign companies stationed in international strengthen inter- trade , so that domestic valve market is saturated state . However, China 's valve device Despite the long-term development of certain results , but compared with foreign advanced equipment , there are still some gaps , which in the domestic market performance will be very obvious , the development of many foreign companies to be much better than the domestic valve machine business . Order out of the country , the first valve company in China to produce more self valve equipment , learn foreign advanced technology , technology, to promote the development of China's valve industry in terms of innovation , science and technology development.
      Continue to strengthen innovation, learning more new technologies , research and development of more advanced valve design and production equipment , to overcome the difficulties and dangers on the road , accelerate the development of domestic valve.