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      Developments in intelligent direction control valve
        Published Time2013-11-29
      Intelligence and standardization of the control valve has been on the agenda , the main use of intelligent smart valve positioner, intelligent performance in the following areas .
          ( 1 ) self-diagnostic control valve , remote communications and other intelligence capabilities to run the state , so that the control valve to facilitate the management , fault diagnosis easier, but also reduces the skill requirements for maintenance personnel .
          ( 2 ) reducing the product type, simplifying the production process . Not only smart valve positioner can easily change the flow characteristics of the control valve may also improve the control quality control system. Therefore, the control valve flow characteristics to simplify and standardize the requirements ( for example , only the production lines characteristic control valve ) . Implemented with intelligent function modules matching object properties with the accused , the control valve types and varieties of products is greatly reduced, so that the control valve manufacturing process is simplified. To reduce the control valve of the species, the domestic manufacturers are also full-function control valves, these intelligent methods will continue to improve , and tested and approved in the production and markets.
          ( 3 ) digital communications . Digital communication will be in the control valve is widely used to HART communication protocol is based on some of the control valve positioner input signal and valve position signal at the same transmission line to achieve ; field bus technology, control valves and valve positioner , PID control function modules combine to make the realization of control functions at the field level , so that the risk of dispersion , so that control is more timely, more quickly.
          ( 4 ) intelligent valve controller. Smart valve positioner valve positioner has all the features , but can improve the dynamic and static characteristics of the control valve , control valve to improve control accuracy , therefore , smart valve positioner control valve will become an important auxiliary equipment in the next period of time is widely used.